Cashback service for Aliexpress

ePN Cashback: an overview of the best cashback service of Aliexpress

Chinese online store Aliexpress is working with 2010 year. In 2016 year, Aliexpress opened in Russia (Moscow) the world's first offline showroom. And in 2017 the TMALL section was launched with the sale of official goods with a guarantee and fast delivery in Russia. Ali actively enters the Russian market, gaining more and more confidence from the Russians. However, despite the possibility of significant savings, not so many buyers know about the availability of cashback from Aliexpress, the official and most reliable partner of which is the service ePN Cashback.

More information on what a cashback is, you can read at this link.

What is ePN Cashback Aliexpress better than others?

First, one of the oldest services on the market, which has been working for a very long time and has proven itself on the positive side. Secondly, ePN is the official partner of Aliexpress, which means that the redundant intermediaries are eliminated in the payment chain. Thirdly, there is a program of insurance against non-receipt of cashback (just below I'll write more in detail what it is and how it works). Fourthly, only ePN has an increased cashback for some products up to 90% (the list of products is updated every day)

Cashback service for Aliexpress

Fifth, cashback can be obtained not only by buying on Aliexpress, but also in more than 360 other online stores. In the sixth, there is a convenient plugin for activation of the cashback in two clicks and a lot of convenient tools.

Cashback service for Aliexpress

In the seventh, there is no commission for withdrawal of funds from the account and there is a rapid withdrawal of funds.

How to register in the ePN Cashback eXchange?

Registering with this service is very easy. Go to at this link and go to the registration page:

Cashback service for Aliexpress

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, promo codes for the increased cashback 7% have ended, but there is a promo code on 6% - epn2018. The registration form is simple. Do not forget to enter the promo code for the increased cashback when registering.

Cashback service for Aliexpress

Specify only the valid email address, as it will require activation. That's all.

How to activate cashback Aliexpress?

You can activate the cacheback in the ePN service in two ways:

1) Visit the site, you are authorized and go to the main page:

Cashback Aliexpress

In the Buy From Cashback box, insert a link to the product you want to buy, and click on Buy.

Important! Inserting the link, please note that it would look like this:
It is very important that after. Html nothing should be !, otherwise someone else will receive the cashback!

2) The most convenient way is to install the plug-in for the browser, log in to it, and when you find the right product, just click on it, check the availability of the cashback and press "Activate the cashback." You throw on the page, buying from which you will receive a reward. Do not forget that in the link after. Html there were no more numbers, letters, symbols, otherwise there is a risk not to receive a cashback.

Cashback Aliexpress

As in the first, and in the second case, buy and pay for the goods right away. When you buy from the basket, the cashback is not credited. This rule is valid only for obtaining cashback on Alyexpress, in other online shops rules are softer.

Overview of the main features of the ePN cacheback service

After registration, you get to the main menu. Let's consider the main sections. The most important section is, of course, Payments, which is divided into balance, payments and my orders.


Cashback Aliexpress

The Balance tab displays your balance (funds available for withdrawal, in processing, all displayed) and operations with balance (there is an infa about withdrawal, my account was created specifically for writing an article, so nothing is available).


Cashback Aliexpress

On this tab, you can order a payment. Everything is simple, that is accessible, then it is possible to withdraw. On the My Wallets tab, you can add one of the available purses or bank cards. Payments are available on PayPal, mobile accounts of MTS, BILINE, Megafon, TELE2, on a bank card (VISA, MasterCard), QIWI, ePayments, webmoney and Yandex.Money.

Tip: do not be fooled by the trick of getting + 1% of the ordered payment to the purse ePayments, withdrawing money from this payment system in Russia is not easy, and there is also interest.

Мои заказы:

Cashback Aliexpress

This tab displays the order history. After buying with a cashback on Aliexpress, this tab should display your order within 10 minutes, as it was done in the screenshot above. If your order has not been displayed, go to the section Statistics:

Cashback Aliexpress

Click on "Your order was not displayed in the statistics?", Without forgetting to choose the Aliexpress store, and go to the tab "Search for a lost order".

Cashback Aliexpress

Fill in the data Number order, store, product cost, link to the goods, prove that "you are not a robot" and click on "Find an order". If you see this message:

Cashback Aliexpress

Your order was interrupted by a malicious browser plug-in. Unfortunately, recently this type of fraud is widespread on the Internet. When completing the order, pay attention to the plug-ins installed in your browser - it is possible to substitute the links, when entering your link is replaced, and the cashback is counted to the unfriendly users. It's better to make all purchases in a clean browser without any plug-ins or extensions. Your order was found in the system statistics, contact technical support

Вероятно, вашу комиссию украли. Проверьте ПК антивирусом, удалите сомнительные плагины для браузера. Лучше всего этот заказ отменить, чтоб не кормить мошенников. Бывает и так: Cashback Aliexpress

Your application is being processed. For some time, the order will appear in the statistics. If this does not happen, you can request compensation for the order. To do this, you need to: Wait for the receipt of the order Confirm receipt of the order in the online store (for AliExpress) Leave the request for compensation through the order search form. Your request will be processed, wait a bit.

In this case, after receiving the goods and confirming in your personal account on Aliexpress, simply click on "Order compensation" and send a screenshot of the completed order - the lost amount will be returned to you.

The next section - My Profile:

Cashback Aliexpress

The profile must be filled with real data, it is desirable to add a real photo, so that if necessary, you can restore the account. It is convenient to bind the profile to the VK page and enter through it. Next section Support:

Cashback Aliexpress

This should be written if there are any problems. The support service is very responsive and always helped me to solve the problems. In chapter Shops with cashback are all the shops in which you can get paid.

Cashback Aliexpress

Let's see the terms of cashback: Aliexpress:

Cashback Aliexpress

The rates at ePN are the most profitable. Checked. Other services that attract higher rates, either throw their customers, or give a high cashback for the first purchase, and the subsequent significantly reduce it. Before holidays or sales, ePN issues coupons for increased cashback. I recommend to follow their group VK. The rest of the sections will be briefly described.

In section Increased cacheback you will find:

  • Sales from sellers: in the section are substituted goods with discounts;
  • Increased cashback: Aliexpress products are presented, on which cashback operates up to 90% (this I have not seen anywhere else);
  • Discount coupons: coupons from different online stores are distributed;
  • Promotional codes ePN: you can enter a promotion code to increase the cashback;
  • Voting: the choice of goods, which will act increased cashback.

In section Affiliates You can attract referrals and start earning yourself.

In section Products you can find the goods in several online stores:

Cashback Aliexpress

We tried to write as much detail as possible and explain about the cashback AliExpress. But if you have any questions, write them in the comments to this publication, let's try to help.

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