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Explain what a cashback is

If you are interested in what a cashback is, the answer is simple: cashback (from English cashback or American cash back) is a bonus program in the field of Internet commerce, banking and gambling, aimed at increasing loyalty. Cashback is specifically in the Internet trade - a deferred discount, which the client receives after the expiration of the period allocated for the return / exchange of the purchased goods.

I'm sure you had a completely legitimate question, but why do online stores pawn this deferred discount in the value of the goods? Is not it easier to immediately reduce the price? Each online store in the cost of goods pawns in the value of the goods their profits, expenses for the logistician, for labor and, of course, for advertising. Everyone saw advertising of online stores on TV, in search results, on websites. Everything is clear.

But there is still a model for the promotion of goods - CPA. With this model, the seller pays a percentage of the advertising space (site, blog, VK group, YouTube channel) for the sale of goods. Most often, such links are found in the reviews. How it works: you read the review, you liked the product and you are ready to buy it, in the review there is a link to the product like "we bought this product here", you click on the affiliate link and buy the goods. In turn, the online store pays a part of the cost of goods to the site owner. Due to the fact that the store does not care who to pay for the sale, there are cashback services, using which you do not pay the site owner, the commission receives a cashback service, which already pays the most part to you.

what is a cashback

For example, in the case of Cashback Aliexpress and ePN The chain is this: you buy the goods - pay for it (in your personal cabinet the cashback is displayed, which is waiting for confirmation) - get the goods, confirm receipt - Ali pays the cashback service, and the cashback service pays you already. Everyone is happy.

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