What to do if a smartphone on Android slows down

What to do if a smartphone on Android slows down

What could be better than the day when you buy a new smartphone that is still pristine. There are no applications on it. The operating system responds to commands instantly. The gadget is perfect! But the time passes, the smartphone is overgrown with a lot of applications, photos are accumulating, you are actively sitting on the Internet, in one word you use to the fullest.

And now everything is not so perfect. Applications open more slowly, spontaneous reboots or hangs with forced reboot. Cursed Android, you think! But do not panic, I'll tell you what to do if the smartphone on Android began to slow down and how easy it is to speed up the work of your faithful friend!

Clean the browser cache and apps

Cache are temporary files that your browser or applications store to speed up the work. Over time, these saved files accumulate and begin to slow down the operating system. To clear the cache files, you must install a special application. I use "CCleaner", you will easily find it in the Play Market. Some smartphones have branded preinstalled utilities for cleaning the cache. In Xiaomi, for example, this application is "Security", the submenu "cleaning» What to do if a smartphone on Android slows down With the application CCleaner everything is just as simple. For more information about each stage of cleaning with explanations, see narrative our Zen channel.What to do if a smartphone on Android slows down The cache has been purged for 555 MB. Since I often do the cleaning, I do not have much of this garbage. My second half, for example, with the last cleaning was released 2500 MB, the smartphone just started to fly!

Clears the internal memory of your smartphone

The next rather common problem is the clogged-in memory of the device. Long time ago I had a smart smartphone Xiaomi mi4 and not had it only one - a small amount of internal memory, only 16 GB. Available to the user was only about 10 GB, you can not install a memory card. Installing a dozen applications and making a lot of photos, I scored memory to the eyeballs. Not only could I not install an additional application, my MI4 began to slow down more wildly. Therefore, if you do not have enough internal memory and you can not install a memory card, I recommend that you remove unnecessary applications. Photo is better to move to the cloud storage. On Yandex Disk, for example, you can enable the automatic startup photo and then the cloud storage under the photo will not be limited.What to do if a smartphone on Android slows down If the smartphone has support for memory cards - store photos, videos and media on it, on the built-in memory it is better to store applications - this will increase their download speed! The memory card class is only 10! It's not even discussed!

Updating the operating system version

In some cases, you can significantly speed up the smartphone after upgrading the operating system or installing patches. OTA update (or by air) is supported most often by smartphones officially sold on the market. According to experience, the more the name of the manufacturer, the longer the update will be supported. Many smartphones from China do not support the update, as they are refurbished by sellers for global (with many languages) firmware. But there is no need to despair either - you can find fresh Russian-language firmware on the forums and install it yourself.What to do if a smartphone on Android slows down

Reboot the device

Some users keep the smartphone on Android on constantly and do not even guess that their gadgets need to be reset sometimes. Well (well, that is of course bad), if the smartphone hangs tight and requires a hard reset or does it reboots at all, but most of the time it will work more and more slowly and day by day. Therefore, once in the 2-3 day, reboot the smartphone.What to do if a smartphone on Android slows down

Disable application startups

Many applications automatically after installation are added to startup, they can run themselves and work in the background. And if for applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, MI Fit, VK and others, from which you want to receive notifications always, you should enable autoload and work in the background, from startup and work in the background of browsers, games, conductors and other not-used applications you can safely refuse! Accordingly, the more RAM is free, the fewer applications will be launched, the faster your device will work.What to do if a smartphone on Android slows down Following these simple lifhakam together you will increase the speed of your smartphone.

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